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Home Affordable Unemployment Program

Help for unemployed homeowners. If you're having difficulty paying your mortgage because of unemployment, this government program may help you temporarily suspend your payments while you're seeking new employment.

Is the Home Affordable Unemployment Program right for me?

Program goal

The goal of the Home Affordable Unemployment Program—or simply, the Unemployment Program—is to give you a period of suspended mortgage payments for up to 12 months while you're looking for work.


You may be eligible for the Unemployment Program if:

You're currently unemployed

You've received unemployment benefits within the past 6 months, or believe you will soon

You're behind on your mortgage payments, or believe you will be soon

You've entered into a permanent loan modification agreement under the Home Affordable Modification Program but are three or more payments past due

You didn't successfully complete your Home Affordable Modification Program trial period

Your mortgage isn't guaranteed by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac

How do I know?

At this time, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac aren't participating in this program. To see if your mortgage is owned or guaranteed by them, simply call the toll-free numbers below or use their online lookup tools.

Fannie Mae:

1.800.7FANNIE (8 a.m.-8 p.m. ET) Opens a new window

Freddie Mac:

1.800.FREDDIE (8 a.m.-8 p.m. ET) Opens a new window

Your home loan isn't an FHA or VA loan

How do I know?

FHA loan document

One quick way to check and see if your mortgage may be FHA- or VA-insured is to look at page 2 of your monthly loan statement. On the right hand side of the document under "Loan Type and Term," you'll see the length of the term and the type of loan that our system shows you may have.

If you're having difficulty finding the information, call one of our home retention specialists at 1.800.669.6650 and let them help you determine whether or not your mortgage is an FHA or VA loan.

Your home is your primary residence and you reside in the property

The amount you owe on your first mortgage is equal to or less than:
- $729,750 for a single-family home
- $934,200 for a 2-unit property
- $1,129,250 for a 3-unit property
- $1,403,400 for a 4-unit property

Your current mortgage was taken out on or before January 1, 2009

If you're not eligible, please contact us to discuss other forbearance options that may be available to help you.

How do I get started with the Home Affordable Unemployment Program?

Call us today at:

Mon-Thu 8 a.m.-midnight ET
Fri 8 a.m.-10 p.m. ET
Sat 8 a.m.-6 p.m. ET
Sun 3 p.m.-midnight ET

Now that I’m in the process, what’s next?

Call us to apply for the Home Affordable Unemployment Program.

When you call us to request help through the Home Affordable Unemployment Program, we'll review your situation over the phone and confirm that you meet the requirements for this program.

Throughout the process, you'll be paired with a Customer Relationship Manager who will answer any questions you may have and help guide you through the steps you'll need to take.

If you choose to participate in the Home Affordable Unemployment Program, your existing application for the Home Affordable Modification Program and your Trial Period Plan will be canceled.

You may re-apply for a Home Affordable Modification once you're re-employed, or once you've completed the Unemployment Program. If you choose to re-apply, your new modification application will be based on your new financial situation and the income documentation you provide at that time.

It's important to note that one or more of the following may occur:

  • You may no longer be eligible for a Home Affordable Modification based on your new financial documentation
  • If you're qualified for a new Home Affordable Modification, your new Trial Period Plan payments may be different than the trial period payments you have now

I've been approved for the Home Affordable Unemployment Program.

If you qualify for the Unemployment Program, your mortgage payments will be suspended for a limited period or until you're re-employed, whichever comes first.

If you're already in the foreclosure process, we won't start or advance foreclosure proceedings while your loan is under review for loan assistance. The evaluation process begins when we receive all documents we've requested from you. No foreclosure sale will be conducted and you won't lose your home during the evaluation.

My forbearance period has come to an end.

You may still need home loan assistance when your Unemployment Program forbearance period ends.

If you find a job while you're enrolled in the Unemployment Program, you'll be considered for Home Affordable Modification Program, which is designed to permanently modify your loan.

If you don't find a job, we'll be in touch with you approximately 30 days before the end of your Unemployment Program forbearance period. We'll consider you for a Home Affordable Modification. If you don't qualify, we'll review your financial information to determine if there are other loan assistance options available to you.

Important: Under the Unemployment Program your payments are suspended, not canceled. This means you'll need to pay back the amount that was suspended. Once you complete the program, normal payments will resume. There's a variety of ways to make repayments:

  • You may make a one-time payment for the full past due amount
  • A repayment plan may be set up, increasing the amount of your monthly mortgage payments until the full past due amount is repaid
  • If you've been approved for the Home Affordable Modification Program after completing your forbearance, the postponed payments won't be due immediately. They'll be incorporated into your modified loan amount.

Home Affordable Unemployment Frequently Asked Questions

If you were denied home loan assistance, such as a request for a loan modification, short sale or deed in lieu you may be able to dispute the decision. You can file an escalated case with us if you have reason to believe any of the following are true:

  • You met all the criteria for home loan assistance but were not properly evaluated for assistance or were improperly denied assistance. This may include:
    • You did not receive adequate notice from us about your foreclosure alternatives
    • You were not given appropriate time to respond to communications from us during your loan review process
  • Your loan was referred to foreclosure prematurely, or we did not suspend foreclosure activities when we were required to do so

You can also file an escalated case if either of these two specific concerns apply to your loan:

  • You have a reasonable belief that your mortgage loan is being serviced in a fraudulent manner
  • You have retained a lawyer to help you resolve a mortgage dispute with Bank of America

If you have reason to believe that any of the above apply in connection with your loan review and affected your eligibility for home loan assistance, you may file an escalated case with us to review your concerns.

Please note that inquiries about a pending request for home loan assistance or general questions about the servicing of your mortgage do not meet the requirements for an escalated case. For general servicing questions, please call 1.800.669.6607 (Monday-Friday, 7 a.m.-7 p.m. local time).

To file an escalated case, you or any third party representing you, such as a housing counselor or attorney, should send us a brief letter describing the specific reasons you believe one of the above scenarios applies to your loan or to your application for home loan assistance. If you are represented by an attorney, please have your lawyer submit this request on your behalf.

Escalated case requests must be sent by mail to the following address:

  • Bank of America Corporate Center
    Attn: BAC Escalated Case Unit
    P.O. Box 940508
    Simi Valley, CA 93094-0508

Please note that if a third party, such as an advisor or a nonprofit advocate, contacts us to submit an escalated case on your behalf, we must have your written authorization before we can communicate with them about you or your loan. Without your written authorization, we will not be able to discuss your home loan with them. We can provide you with an authorization form upon request.

What to expect after submitting your request

Within three business days after receipt:

  • If your submission meets the requirements for an escalated case, within three business days of the receipt of your request, we will send you a written acknowledgement that we have received your request. This acknowledgement will also include the estimated date by which your escalated case should be resolved, along with a toll-free number for the Escalated Case Unit.

Within 15 calendar days after receipt:

  • In most cases, within 15 calendar days of receiving your request, we will mail you a written response describing the proposed resolution of your request and any next steps to be followed by you or by us. If your matter cannot be resolved within 15 calendar days, we will notify you of the delay and give you a new estimated resolution date. This new estimated resolution date, in most cases, will be no longer than 30 calendar days from the date we received your original escalated case.

Checking the status of your escalated case

Your written confirmation will include a toll-free number you can call for information about your escalated case.