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Hardest Hit Fund

Additional help for homeowners in hardest hit states. This program was created to help homeowners in states affected by housing price declines and the recession. If you're having difficulty making your mortgage payments and you live in a participating state, the Hardest Hit Fund may be an option.

Is the Hardest Hit Fund right for me?

Program goal

The federal government created the Hardest Hit Fund (HHF) to help homeowners in states that have been affected the most by recent housing and economic downturns. The Hardest Hit Fund includes multiple programs developed for homeowners faced with different types of financial hardship. These programs are available in select states, with eligibility and assistance amounts determined by each state.

Learn about available programs in your state

Visit your state's website Opens in a new window to see which programs are available and how to apply. Eligibility, level of financial assistance and length of assistance are determined by each participating state. Because these programs change frequently, we recommend that you check back with your state’s website often for updates.


All Hardest Hit Funds Programs



Visit your state's Hardest Hit Fund website to learn more and apply for the following programs:


Your state does not participate in any Hardest Hit Fund programs.
However, other programs may be available to help youother programs may be available to help you.